Affluent Spark has a tried and tested process to create the best possible dating success.

Stage 1 | Pre-screenig

Initial telephone contact to introuce yoursef is the printipal our odjective from pre-scrrening – is to determine if our matchmaking service is apropriate for our client, then below establish a confidence relationship and trust between us. This are our process to get the best results and success.

Stage 2 | Face to face interwievs.

Our focus is to learn betther about our client to determine all the thinks want need and desire in their seerach for love and find potential partener with similar wants, needs and desires. Our goals is to help you to find love and bringing together people who may otherwise never meet.

Stage 3 | Matchmaker & Date Coaching

With our team of expert matchmakers, will provide efectively date coaching to ensue they put their best foot forward on date and succeed in your future dating experience. We will discuse all details to get success in a relationship.  The Date Coaching goals is to ensure Dating success.

Stage 4 |Personal Searching

With our personalized search we deliver to the right person. To someone who fits the desired characteristics. Affluent Matchmaker will ask about your ideas of an ideal partner, of past relationships and of needs for the future will seek out the perfect match for you. New and updated photos and profiles will be sent for your perusal. Personal search will start whit an specific advertizing campaings, castings, calls, ex.

Stage 5 | Date Success

A Matchmaker is in a unique position to receive and utilize feedback from both parties in order to see the bigger picture. This feedback is invaluable to the matchamaker who can use it to elicit positive client alterations which ensure finding the love thet desire.