About Founder CEO

Founder CEO Natalia

Affluent Spark was created by Natalia Oleinic and started as a company in 2015. Until then, Natalia made a few successful private matchings herself. The majority involving high profile entrepreneurs, who did not have time to spare on blind dates, or on other automated services with low realistic chances of fulfilment.

To better cater her clients’ needs Natalia underwent a full preparation course with the Matchmaking Institute of New York on how to run a boutique of her own.

She also has a Master in NLP and Coaching and counselling with couples. To better close in on a suitable matching candidate Natalia uses her skills to reach the heart of each one.

advising on relationships and helping to better understand their desires expectations in order to broker a healthy and lasting relationship and seize the happiness they deserve!

Matchmaker Natalia has a knack to connect the dots. The drive to better serve, along with her intuition and great professional skills, will follow her clients until the end so that she knows in depth, while advising them, how to improve their search and to accomplish what they were looking for.

By providing matchmaking services throughout Europe, her personal endeavors will have a wide reach giving Natalia’s customers the chance to have their dream become reality.


Our Date Coach

Yuliya Tkach is an expert in NLP, the science which encompasses communication strategy, personal development and psychotherapy. Additionally, Yuliya has an extensive career as a coach for both sexes, offering revolutionary methods and strategies so that one can not only meet the person they are attracted to, but can also create the desired impact on that person to be able to take their relationship to the next level. She focuses on bringing people to a true transformation in terms of their own abilities, self-esteem and consequently, his or her life as a whole. Currently, Yuliya Tkach collaborates with us by offering her unique and exclusive services as a coach for Affluent Spark.

Her mission in the matchmaking process is to help her clients to identify and achieve their romantic life goals.

The process consists of 3 stages:

1. The coach evaluates if there are certain unconscious patterns that are impeding the client from building a fulfilling love life and assists them in making the necessary changes.

2. The client’s core self-esteem and self-image will be enhanced.

3. And as the final step, an exclusive tailor-made action plan is created for the client so they can succeed when it comes to interacting with potential partners.