Affluent Elite Club

Affluent Elite Club

Affluent Elite Club, exclusive and discrete, offers events for its successful, attractive and intelligent single members to meet each other in a relaxed and confidential manner.

These events are designed for you to have a great time in a unique way with the added possibility of finding your soulmate. They currently take place each month in various countries across Europe with the possibility of expansion to other destinations across the globe.

Affluent Elite Club differs from other matchmakers with its specific personalized search of successful men and women from all over the world.

Each of our club members goes through an evaluation with our team and is interviewed personally by a matchmaker to determine their preferences, what type of people they are attracted to, etc.

Each suitor from our database who attends an event is also interviewed by one of our expertly qualified team in order to achieve successful compatibility between our members, thereby maximizing the possibility of love at first sight.
There are many elite clubs but you never know in which one your soulmate may be hiding.

At each of our events, our members receive professional advice in the field of love and relationships and also participate in fun activities to increase confidence among the attendees and make it easier to approach others. All of this takes place in a warm and friendly atmosphere and most importantly, highly discrete and fun.
They also provide a learning experience for all, as at each event the world’s greatest masters of seduction reveal one of their secrets.

At Affluent Elite Club, we offer our services to each client on an individual basis, providing private coaching throughout each stage of the dating process, with highly personalized advice.

Our club collaborates with relationship counsellors, dating coaches, hypnotherapists, psychologists and image consultants, as well as a variety of personal trainers and hair stylists, cosmetic surgeons, dentists and fashion stylists, all of whom are the best in their field.