Use the expertise of Affluent Spark Matchmaker to make that search an easy one!

As society evolves at an increasingly faster pace it becomes more difficult to strike a balance between the different time consuming roles a highly successful individual has to play: in business world, within family as a provider, educator or even a leader, in community as an active political member or even within a personal relationship network.

It’s this time scarcity that makes it hard to find room to pursue any other private personal interests particularly, emotional or romantic ones.

Everybody desires to have someone with whom to build a  future together and share love!

The process of finding and/or holding on to a lasting relationship partner lights up other parts of the brain, essentially more rational. 

The fact that you connect with someone on the short term – when you’re basically starting to know him or her – doesn’t mean you’ll have a high likelihood of having chosen your life companion when both personalities, sort of, blend along the way.

We at AFFLUENT SPARK will work side by side to assist you, in our best judgement, to find the love of your life. Moreover, we won’t back down until you do.Meaning: we will actually introduce you to “the one” and will only disengage our efforts until you’re positively sure. That’s our value added: commitment!

Once you trust AFFLUENT SPARK, we assure you will significantly improve your odds of finding a suitable long run partner/spouse.