Personalized & Affluent Search

The Affluent Personalized Search is confidential and based on our clients’ personal preferences. We usually target business executives with a certain wealth and desire for personalized high-end services. We hold a face-to-face interview with each client and chosen member. Personalized Search include a very specific advertising campaigns, castings, calls etc. You invest in us and we’ll invest in you.

Date Coaching  

Dating expert will help you to achieve success in future date/relationships and will help you to identify your strengths and find out exactly what you want. Date Coaching will guide you through the process so that you not only leave the best impression on your dates, but can also create a positive dynamic with the opposite sex and overcome any obstacles which may appear while getting to know your potential soulmate.

Matchmaker Benefits 

Many successful people don’t have time to waste on pointless searches or going on dates with no future.  Matchmaker is the easiest and surest way to find your soulmate. Matchmaker provides successful singles with the opportunity to find a suitable life companion, in the hope of ending up in a compatible long-term relationship.  Matchmaker is the service you need for a successful love life. 


Successfully – Wealthy – Millionaires

The Successful people need to plan everything for it to come to perfection. Yet we never plan on who we will spend the rest of our lives with. And if we would have done it as it would have been, it is a question that the answer can be fantasized at the pleasure of each one of us.

But to come to us, we have had to go through disasters and ruptures and learn from the waste of past relationships. Since nobody taught us how to choose our new partner and how to lead a relationship.

Like a Successful, you not to waste more time on dates and chats without meaning. A Matchmaker gives you the opportunity to meet a this exceptional Soul mate. A person that conforms to your characteristics. With the same values desires needs and beliefs.

Everybody has the desire to find that special someone with whom to build a future and share a loving relationship!

As society evolves at an increasingly faster pace it is becoming more and more difficult to strike a balance between the many time consuming roles a highly successful individual has to play: as a leader in the business world, a teacher in the workplace, a family provider at home or an active member of the community.
It’s this scarcity of time that makes it especially difficult to find room to pursue any other private personal interests, particularly, emotional or romantic ones.
The process of finding and holding on to a lasting relationship partner activates certain parts of the brain, essentially the more rational parts. Just because you connect with someone in the early stages (when you’re still getting to know each other), doesn’t mean there’s a strong chance of having found your life companion when your personalities eventually blend along the way.

At AFFLUENT SPARK we will work with you side by side, using our best judgement, to help you find the love of your life and we won’t back down until you’re completely satisfied. This means we will actually introduce you to “the one” and will only disengage our efforts once you’re absolutely sure. That’s our added value: commitment!
Once you put your trust in AFFLUENT SPARK, we assure you that you will significantly improve your odds of finding a suitable long-term partner.